Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in the United States [FOCUS]

FOCUS is an organization intended for young adults, married and single, post-graduate students and professionals from the ages of 23 and up. It will provide a forum, both spiritual and social, for the young adults in the American Diocese who do not feel connected to the older spiritual organizations, and not addressed in MGOCSM. However, this group intends to bridge that gap between the elders of the Church and the youngsters who are looking for spiritual nourishments. 

FOCUS will take on the challenges faced by young adults in American Society, including issues of substance abuse, counseling (marital, premarital and youth) and professional development. FOCUS will look to strengthen the Church by utilizing the strengths and overcoming the weakness of our next generation of adults.

The goal is to train ourselves in order to shoulder the responsibility of leading our Church into the future. We would also train our youth to be involved in the Church and to provide and to provide that guidance to the students that is so sorely needed. We would like to become a unifying entity actively involved in the Church. 

FOCUS in Philly:

The Philadelphia Chapter intends to bring together all the young Orthodox adults living in and around Philadelphia (PA and South Jersey) who are interested in worshipping and serving the Lord in this new era of our Church in America.

FOCUS in Philadelphia is set up with its strength, being at the grassroots level. It is inter-parish, with all young adults from all parishes in the Philadelphia area participating. Communication and the sharing of resources is essential for the success of this movement. Gatherings deviate from the traditional bible studies, or conference. This group benefits from the active participation of the priests, deacons in the local parishes.

Monthly Meetings:

This year FOCUS will provide a series of monthly meetings addressing the faith of Orthodox Church. FOCUS meets at 7 P.M. on First Thursday of every month at:

St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church
1009 Unruh Avenue
Philadelphia, P.A. 19111


FOCUS Coordinators:

Dn. G. John            (914) 720 0136
Mr. Aju Jacob        (813) 857 3507


Goals of FOCUS:

  1. To reenergize young adults so as to have a strong relationship (bond) to the Church and help them maintain that relationship for their own edification and the growth of the Church.
  2. To provide spiritual guidance such as premarital, marital, career, substance abuse, and family counseling to young adults from ages of 23 and up regardless of marital status, gender or profession.
  3. To train young adults to provide leadership to youngsters in the MGOCSM, Sunday school, and OVBS programs in a mentoring relationship.
  4. To educate young adults to better involve themselves in the spiritual, administrative and social activities of the Church so that they may become vital members of the Church.



  • His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Paulose II Visit

    His Holiness will celebrating Holy Qurbana at St.John’s Church :  Requesting all members to make every effort to attend the Holy Qurbana this Saturday and let us all seek the blessings and the words of wisdom from His Holiness.

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