STG: Server Transform Grow

Mission Statement

STG is a young adult fellowship hoping to engage those members of our church who are single graduates and/or professionals, newly married couples, and couples with young kids in Christ-led fellowship, mission work, and service. While many believe that STG stands for St. Gregorios (which is an added bonus), the real meaning stems from the acronym it creates: Serve. Transform. Grow. Our mission statement is as follows:

“As the Young Adult Fellowship, we commit to studying the life and teachings of Christ, participating in worship and charitable activities under spiritual guidance and taking greater responsibility in the administration of our church.  Together, in fellowship we will create a ministry dedicated to personal growth, support and accountability to each other and to others and service to our surrounding communities.”

As a fellowship group, we have five objectives we would like to see accomplished in the new year:

  1. Grow in our faith together by practicing more of the sacramental life of the church
  2. Build a strong foundation for the future generation of the Church
  3. Be good stewards of the community through charitable service
  4. Take greater responsibility in maintaining our Church
  5. Grow closer together as a community of likeminded Indian Orthodox Christians

We hope to accomplish these objectives by attending service including Friday Qurbana and Saturday Evening prayer, having fellowship once a month, creating a mentoring program for the youth, engaging with the community in which we attend church, maintaining and keeping our church facilities clean, participating in church activities, taking active leadership roles in our church, and growing together as an organization through fellowship and prayer.

Upcoming Events